We believe that clients should come first. We believe that we have a duty to listen to the client so that we may properly help take care of their financial needs. We believe in financial planning to provide a roadmap for the client’s financial goals.

We believe in independent, unpolluted investment advice. We believe that compensation should not be used as a tool to create product line sales or investment guidance bias. We believe that product agendas have no place in today’s financial marketplace. We believe in serving the needs of the public.

We believe that clients should be diversified and allocated according to their tolerance for risk, whether with mutual funds, individual stock and bond portfolios, or other financial instruments. In sum, we believe in asset allocation and in asset allocation analytical tools.

We also believe that the total cost of the portfolios in which we invest client’s money will have more to do with return over a ten-year period than any other single factor. Therefore, we believe in low cost, solid performance money management. We believe that if clients are going to be charged a fee for these services, then financial advisors should strive to deliver the lowest cost programs with the most stable long-term track records available.

We believe that if the public at large could manage money properly, we would have never had an investment bubble. We believe that more than 90% of the public needs the investment guidance of a financial professional. We also believe that more than 80% of planners and brokers in the industry do not know how to provide consistent, high quality investment advice primarily because of the bias from the firms at which they are employed.

We believe in providing an independent platform, with multiple choices in where and how our representatives conduct their business. We believe in providing the tools and methodologies for representatives to help them improve, enabling our people to effectively and efficiently perform at a high level for the benefit of those they serve.

We believe that highly trained, skilled financial professionals truly do have worth to the public and we believe that they should likewise be compensated. We believe in passive compensation for representatives to encourage planners and brokers to provide a high level of service to their clients on an ongoing basis.

We believe that the business from the clients of our representatives belongs to the representative. We believe in protecting the book of business of our associates, not only for the economic benefit of these planners and brokers but also for their spouses should anything happen to the producer.

We believe that the truly talented professionals in the financial services arena do not need to be managed.