What does independence mean to you? The following is what it means to us. We have no proprietary products. We have no preferred product list. We do not hold any stocks or bonds in inventory. There is no quota for any particular security. Therefore you are free to structure portfolios to the best interest of your clients.

Does your broker-dealer require you to produce volume in one particular product line or with one particular company to maximize your pay-outs? If so, you may be captive by the design of your broker-dealer’s compensation system.

We have no such requirements at Wilbanks Securities, Inc. You are free to write business in any product category or with any company that we have approved, and the pay-out, as a percentage of gross dealer concession, is the same for each company. This pay-out is established by total annual production, without monthly requirements, enabling you to pick and choose the best time to invest your client’s assets.

Wilbanks Securities, Inc. has no special “tie” to any product company. You then are free to be objective with your clients and provide them with a more diverse array of products to better meet their needs. Now that’s true independence!