Wilbanks Securities, Inc is the Financial Planner’s Full Service Broker-Dealer with the strength and stability of a national industry leader. We provide a diverse array of technologies, capabilities, and products in an independent platform with Pay-Outs Up To 95%. Additionally, our marketing capabilities and our ability to assist in helping you build your OSJ and/or your practice is unparalleled.

We have no preferred products or product line sales requirements to garner a higher pay-out. Some firms promote independence while being partially or fully owned by an insurer. We are truly independent without any ownership ties to such companies. If you want to operate a truly independent practice within a broker-dealer that prioritizes the need for compliance while reaping the highest pay-outs in the industry, Wilbanks Securities is your firm.


How are we different?

The difference is in marketing, marketing systems, education and training. Any independent broker-dealer can give you a high pay-out. Wilbanks Securities goes much further to deliver asset gathering and seminar packages designed to garner the favorable attention of attendees. We understand the buying motion and our systems are designed to take your clients along this path to enable you to gather assets with a truly independent and objective approach. There are a litany of broker-dealers from which to choose. There are few whose operatives really understand marketing. We know marketing well.

The content of our seminars makes all the difference. There are a myriad of money management systems that one can utilize. We focus on the systems that give clients the best chance for long-term success, systems that can be mathematically and statistically proven within a narrow range of returns. Taking these complicated concepts and being able to articulate these simply to clients is a critical but necessary skill. Our seminars enable you to just that, which can make all the difference for your career!

We provide classroom continuing education courses in a broad number of cities across the country on asset allocation, money management and advanced market topics. We package this with a unique ethics course that is designed to get attendees to think and philosophize about ethics, and about gaining a sense of doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong. Our clearing firm, RBC Correspondent Services, also provides a tremendous number of live classroom training courses that are available to our representatives, particularly in the area of fee-based asset management. The difference lies in our commitment to make the industry better through education. Wilbanks Securities is committed to education and training across a large number of cities unlike any other independent broker-dealer.

And there is individual training and mentoring. Our training begins where the rubber meets the road. We can assist you with joint work on actual client cases using the best financial planning packages in the industry until you have learned the process. We have a number of these planning software programs available at discount prices. We have third-party money management training available through our clearing firm, which is designed to take your business to the next level.

Across the board, we provide more for our representatives than just a high pay-out. We equip them for success. Becoming a Wilbanks Securities representative can make all the difference for you and your practice!

We invite you to explore our website and contact our recruiting department at 1-888-842-0202 (option 6) for more information.

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for successful financial planners, brokers and branch office managers wanting higher pay-outs and the support they deserve.

If you are looking for a marketing driven, high pay-out broker-dealer, we invite you to investigate your areas of interest from the menu above or to the right or call toll free at 1-888-842-0202 (option 6).

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