Document Imaging System – Wilbanks Securities introduces the centralized Laserfiche Document Imaging and Business Processing Solution for the Producers, Reps and affiliates of Wilbanks Securities. The Wilbanks Securities centralized solution will provide the following to all reps and offices:

Submit Business Electronically – Branch offices, reps and producers will  now have the ability to electronically send all applications, documentation and the like to Wilbanks Securities for immediate approval. This can be done either directly from LaserApp whereby electronic signature pads will be used to allow a paperless solution or otherwise through a scanner. Eliminate the need and cost for sending applications and new account forms through the mail or overnight to Wilbanks Securities. When your application is approved, you will be able to immediately download and print the approved pages of the application(s) from the secure Wilbanks Securities portal on the internet and send them directly to the vendor.

Document Storage Solutions – Scan and store all of your client’s information new account forms, applications, order tickets, management agreements, trust documents, legal documents, order tickets, confirmations, statements, financial plans, policies and contracts, tax returns, and all other client related documentation. The Wilbanks Securities – Laserfiche solution employs the highest level of security system to prevent anyone but you, and those to which you grant permission, from having access to any of your client information.

Immediate Access to your documents – Immediate Access to your documents – Anytime – From Any Place! The Wilbanks – Laserfiche document imaging solution will enable you to immediately access your documents through a secure website/portal on the internet. From here you will be able to search, view, print and download your documents for each individual client, or a group of clients. Once an appropriate back-up of your client records is made, you will no longer have a need to maintain these documents in your office. Wilbanks Securities has a solution to save you filing time, clerical work and record keeping, and, in addition, you will have less need for filing cabinets and office space!

FINRA/SEC Compliant – The Wilbanks Securities – Laserfiche document imaging  solutions meets or exceeds all FINRA and SEC requirements for electronic storage and on-demand document retrieval and enables principals to better supervise the day-to-day activities of their sales forces. The Wilbanks – Laserfiche solution gives you the ability to immediately implement a compliant paperless office solution, without you having to worry about backups, hard drives, compliance… you more time to do what you do best – Manage your clients money!

WS-Connect Commission and Back Office System – This state of the art system  provides on-line reporting of all commissions and fees, including every dime of every trail commission for every pay cycle for two years. Consolidated client data reports are available on-line, which consolidates client data to reflect holdings and investment amounts at RBC Correspondent Services as well as reflecting information for any direct mutual fund or variable product, providing that this data is available through DST and/or Dazzle. The system allows representatives to rank order their clients based on assets or commissions and fees to better manage a book of business. The client data within the system synchronizes with Laser App so that representatives can have client’s data pre-filled in applications or forms directly from the WS-Connect system. WS-Connect data can also be downloaded into our Global Relay e-mail system, which contains a client contact and calendar feature so that representatives may access their client data via the internet from anywhere they have an internet connection whether they are in the back-office or e-mail system. Our technologies are integrated for the convenience of our representatives!

  • WS-Connect System Features:
  • Client Lists (Based on Assets, Commissions, & fees)
  • Broker Production Reports
  • Current and Past Broker Commission Statements
  • Branch Level Access for consolidated Production Reporting
  • Month-end Client Account Position Reporting
  • “Fill-able” Forms (NF, Transfer, IRA etc.)
  • Links Client Data with Laser App
  • Links Client Data with On-line Contacts in E-Mail system
  • Download of Client Data to Excel available for Mail Merge

Laser App – Software that automates the application process, pre-filling required data in applications with our clearing firm, RBC Correspondent Services, with direct business through mutual fund and insurance companies, and with Wilbanks Securities forms. This software can also make transitioning to our broker-dealer a breeze by automatically filling in most of the required data in the account transfer forms. You can find out more about this product at or call 1-800-985-2174. The demo page for this product is located at .

Corporate E-Mail – Our e-mail system from Global Relay provides a significant degree of functionality. In addition to e-mail capabilities, and with the assistance of Global Relay personnel, representatives can create multiple client e-mail groups for blast mail or newsletter marketing providing that this is pre-approved by our compliance department. The system comes with a calendar and contacts management system, which links with our commission system so that client data can automatically download into the contacts feature for on-line access. With this functionality, representatives can utilize their corporate e-mail account for mass marketing and regular e-mail client contact as well as utilizing the system’s capabilities for contact management and on-line calendar and schedule access for on the go producers. Group offices can be configured so that all representatives in the group have access to each other’s calendar and schedules.

Emerald Client Based Web-Site – our Emerald client based web-site will look like it belongs to you, complete with your picture, address information and all of the items you would like to have on a home page. However, the content of the site is nothing a rep could hope to duplicate in an entire year of trying.

You can announce seminars, clients can sign up for seminars on-line, and the system will track attendees! It is a great marketing tool. Emerald is also building a tax center per our contract with them.

Emerald’s professionally designed Web sites are available in a wide selection of styles. Our state-of-the-art, customized Web sites are pre-loaded with interactive and FINRA-reviewed content. Standard features include:

  • Personalized Profile Pages
  • Timely Newsletters
  • Research Articles
  • Glossaries
  • Financial Calculators
  • Refer a Friend Tracker
  • Market Watch and Portfolio Manager
  • Seminar Promotion Section
  • Detailed Traffic Monitoring

There are many more features than the standard features listed above. An Emerald Web site is simple to set up with the handy Web Site Wizard that will take you through the personalization process step-by-step. With easy-to-use features like the Web Site Administrator and HTML Editor, you can change the content of your site with just a few clicks of the mouse.

We offer comprehensive technical support with a staff of knowledgeable and friendly technical consultants, who will assist in the quick and easy set up and can be reached during business hours by email or by telephone.

The price for the web-site is $450 for the set-up and $54 per month. You can demo the Emerald web-site at and then click on the web-site offering link. You can call Emerald at (800) 233-2834 to enquire about their offering and be taken through a demonstration of their site. Make sure you tell them that you are enquiring about the Wilbanks Securities discount.