Sungard’s Allocation Master – This is a professional money management analytical tool to allow representatives to practice the art and science of asset allocation according to modern portfolio theory. With this software, you will be able to do sophisticated investment modeling, retirement and other goal planning with details, and extensive Monte Carlo analysis and back testing of your plan. We recommend this software above all other software packages for investment modeling and retirement and other goal planning. The cost is $75 per quarter through our relationship with our clearing firm, RBC Correspondent Services. You can demo this product at Wilbanks Securities provides individual training and development on actual client cases utilizing this investment management system.

Lumen Systems, Inc. Financial Planning Professional (FPP) is a fully-comprehensive financial planning software program. All areas of planning are available in a single package, which includes Monte Carlo analysis – there is no need to purchase any module separately. FPP offers multiple report formats:

Summary – Perfect for your bottom-line oriented clients. Clear and to the point.

Standard – Excellent for those clients that require a bit more than a summary analysis. Text, line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts, and analysis forms will motivate your client to implement recommendations.

Comprehensive – Even your most detail-oriented clients will be satisfied with the level of information provided by the Comprehensive report.

Custom – Create custom reports or templates to establish your own emphasis, add illustrations based on your clients’ needs. A new feature will enable you to securely upload your confidential files to our servers so Lumen Systems’ tech support can view your plan with you – to serve you better. The annual cost is $650, which includes unlimited technical support, and all updates and enhancements. You may request a free demo by calling 1-800-233-3461. For this special affiliate price, be certain to identify yourself as being associated with Wilbanks Securities. For more information, visit our website at fully support this financial planning system at Wilbanks Securities.

Zywave – A multi-module financial planning system. The cost is $650 annually. You can demo this product at An on-line version of Zywave is now available at a special offer of $325 for the first year through one of our vendors. Please contact Wilbanks Securities for details at 1-888-842-0202 (option 6). We fully support this financial planning system at Wilbanks Securities.

Sunguard Planning Station – A web-based multi-module financial planning system from Sungard, the parent company of Frontier Analytics. You can demo this product at the following web address: Advisor, which has 11 modules including Allocation Master from Frontier Analytics (see below), is $300 per quarter. The data is shared back and forth but the system creates separate reports for each module. Advisor Plus is $400 per quarter which has a comprehensive tool enabling a planner to create one report. It also has two versions of allocation master, one a more simplified version inside the comprehensive module and the regular one external to this. Advisor Plus includes a stock options advisor. Advisor Plus Extended is Advisor Plus but includes in addition a Factmaster Tool, which is similar to Morningstar Principia Mutual Funds Advanced and Stocks Advanced. In lieu of the Factmaster tool, calculators, which are comprised of Z Calcs for estate planning, can be included. The cost for Advisor Plus Extended is $500 per Quarter. Platinum includes all three of the above, planning series modules (more in depth modules) and light or foundation series modules (more simplified modules) for $625 per quarter.

Money Tree – Money Tree Silver is an excellent allocation piece for clients with less than $100,000 to invest. It is one of the fastest and easiest plans to run which we’ve reviewed. It is highly customizable and we recommend it as a stand alone or as a complement to CDA/Weisenberger/Thomson’s Hypothetical View offered in InvestmentView. A free trial download is available at Money Tree also offers a Total Planning System. For those of you who have long sought a replacement for the BluePrint software formerly available from Thomson, this may be your answer. Please note that the software is sold to the public for $495. We have negotiated a discount to allow our reps to purchase the initial Silver package for $371.25. Subsequent years will cost $150.00 per annum. To obtain the discount, please purchase the software by telephone at 1-877-421-9815.

Asset Allocation Training and Mentorship – We offer continuing education courses on asset allocation, which include the theory and empirical studies, as well as courses on other topics. We also provide actual case mentorship on the Frontier Analytics asset allocation system Allocation Master (see above).

Investment View from Thomson (Formerly CDA Weisenberger) – This product is an alternative to Morningstar Principia Suite (see above). It is available through RBC Correspondent Services for $250 year for monthly updates for open end and closed end funds, variable products, and indices.

Morningstar Advisor Workstation – RBC is currently negotiating to offer this product for $2200 annually with all modules except separate account managers. 3 packages are available through TD AMERITRADE. Option A Research and client portfolios base model $1800 per year, Option B is option A plus a sales module $2150, Option C is Option B plus a planning module, which is the full Morningstar Advisor workstation for a cost of $2500. These prices are subject to change.

Morningstar Principia Suite – This product allows you to screen mutual funds, closed end funds, variable products, market indices and stocks according to a number of criteria. It also includes separate accounts, and hypotheticals. Available through RBC Correspondent Services, the Principia Suite is $2695 annually for monthly updates.

Mutual Fund Advanced by itself costs $700 annually.

Stocks Advanced, an analytical tool for stocks, costs $955 annually for monthly updates or $700 annually for quarterly updates.

AdvisoryWorld ICE– Inexpensive, easy-to-use and comprehensive portfolio and security analytics with financial planning. The application features portfolio modeling, asset allocation, optimization, detailed cash flows, Monte Carlo simulation, security screening, style and factor analysis. Among more than 50 FINRA compliant and client-ready reports is an Investment Policy Statement. The application is fully integrated with leading Performance Reporting and CRM software including Albridge Solutions, Advisors Assistant, Centerpiece, dbCAMS, Intuit and Investigo. The product includes data on Asset Classes, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Closed End Funds, ETFs, Variable Annuities and Separate Accounts from sources such as Thomson Financial and Zacks Investment Research. Click here for a Detailed Flyer. The special price for Wilbanks Securities representatives ranges from $40-$150/monthly depending on what features you use for your practice. View all marketing rate pricing by clicking here. Register for a free demo by calling 800-480-3888. If you’re looking for an alternative to Morningstar Principia or Advisor Workstation, Try ICE.

The pricing data listed here is not guaranteed by Wilbanks Securities, Wilbanks Securities Advisory or RBC Correspondent Services. The pricing listed is for informational and convenience purposes only.