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Educational studies show that, for people to learn and retain knowledge, they must see, hear, read, and write, using multiple sensory perception. In addition, a recent study by the Consumer Federation of America and NationsBank illustrates that people with written financial plans have invested and saved dramatically more than people without such plans. As a result, the study shows, those with written financial plans are much more likely to accomplish their life goals.

Corporate Educational Seminars, Inc. has designed a seminar, Financial Road Maps, that can be used as an educational course at the work site or at schools, libraries, universities, and vocational-technical institutions. This course encapsulates the learning principals above, is participatory, and is as educational toward the establishment of a person’s net worth and fact finding as it is conceptually educational. The goal of the course is to help each participant identify with retirement concepts and motivate them to develop a written financial plan.

The course is designed to enhance attendees learning through Power Point presentations projected on a screen as an instruction tool that match the workbook, each participant in this seminar will be guided in how to perform their own fact find and establish their net worth piecemeal within their workbook as well as how to determine their goals and relate these goals to income needs. This is essentially fact finding in mass, saving a considerable amount of your time. Once the course is complete, each participant is invited to discuss the content of their workbook and leave it with their financial planning instructor so that he or she may produce the participant’s financial plan complete with recommendations.

The participant is then entitled to a one hour consultation with a financial planner at which time the financial plan will be delivered. Doing the fact find, establishing goals and determining net worth themselves is a very motivational factor in getting the participant to have the financial plan produced and attend the one hour consultation.

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