Seminars – Wilbanks Securities has a variety of seminars to enable you to market your services to clients. Wilbanks Securities can provide you classroom instruction in delivering these seminars through our continuing education symposiums. Wilbanks Securities does not just provide you with a high-payout and technology, we equip you for success!

Emerald Marketing – Emerald also offers a complete line of financial marketing resources including client newsletters for four different target markets, comprehensive and topic-specific seminars, AutoMark online marketing system, and a turnkey direct-mail service to fill your seminar seats with qualified and motivated prospects.

Use Emerald’s high-impact marketing materials to demonstrate your expertise to prospects, connect with your clients and distinguish yourself from the competition!

Thus, with Wilbanks Securities’ presentation packages and third-party vendors, we can assist with lead generation and we can provide you with a seminar system to help you garner clients. We can also help with Continuing Education courses for CPA’s so that we can help you build professional relationships that can potentially increase your referral business.

Recruiting Help for OSJs – Recruiting-wise we can help you with targeted mass mailings to your desired audience and with recruiting seminars. Wilbanks Securities can provide personal mentoring in learning to conduct these recruiting seminars. Additionally, representatives phoning in from our Web Site and from our advertisements can be referred to you to help your office grow.

With Wilbanks Securities, Inc. you truly have a business partner!